Wine Making Experience

Sparkling Wine Making with the Wine-Maker
Saturday 15th June – Book Here

Join Holly for an evening of wine making. We highly recommend a taxi for this one.

We will start with an red wine exercise understanding about mouth feel and how certain things affect your experience of wine.

Traditional method Sparkling wine is made by two fermentations, one in the tank and one in the bottle. After it has been aged in the bottle we then need to remove the sediment. This is done by turning the bottle upside down and moving the sediment into the neck. We then freeze the neck creating an ice cork. When it is opened, the pressure in the bottle pushes the cork out.

Now we have a bottle of sparkling wine with no sugar in it, This is where we need to trial different sugar levels and this is where you come in. You will need to decide how much sugar you like in our wine. You then will get an opportuinity to freeze the neck, open the bottle, add your sugar, cork and label your bottle to take home with you.
Your recipe is then kept on record and so you can order it in the future.

Choose between White or Rose wine.
The session is £100 per bottle of wine made (This can be done is pairs) and includes a bottle of wine to take home, (worth £30). Extra bottles can be made to take home at £30 each.

Limited places

Available for private group 4+ people