We are very proud to look after our vines by hard and care for each of them individually. Throughout the year each vine has various things which need to be done to it. After the success of previous years we are now opening volunteer days for all the different aspects of vine-growing.

The vines grow so fast at this time of the year you can almost see them growing!!! I am therefore opening a few days of volunteering in advance to hopefully get some nice big teams involved. The more the merrier!!!

I currently have space on the following sessions

email info@dawshillvineyard.co.uk to book your place


Winter pruning – one of the most important and hardest jobs of the year. Each season a vine can grow up to 7m, although they are trimmed and tamed in the summer the real work is in the winter. We grow to the Guyot system meaning we prune back to 2 canes in the winter. The remainder canes then need to be pulled out of the wiring system and left in the rows. This is the most physically demanding job of the year also the coldest as it must be done before bud burst in the spring.

Tying down – Once the vines have been pruned the vines must then be tied to the wiring system. This means each cane (two each vine) is trimmed and tied to the fruiting wire.

Bud Rubbing – growing vines is in part controlling nature. Vines grow buds wherever they feel like it and so we must remove the unwanted buds from the trunks of the vines.

Tucking in – as the vines grow we need to tuck them into our wiring system. This give us beautiful rows of vines which are able to breath and are under control.

Leaf Stripping – Once we have fruit on the vines we want the grapes to be able to sun bathe, and so we remove the leaves from around the bunches.

Harvest – Hopefully after a successful growing season we will have plenty of grapes to pick. These days are very popular and get fully booked very quickly. Oct – Nov

Each session will start with an explanation of the days tasks and the opportuinity to learn more about viticulture in general. Days generally start at 10am for tea and coffee and lunch will be served with our sparkling wine. Volunteers get 10% discount on all purchases for a year.

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